These 5 Home Cleaning Tricks Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Summer is a time of many things, rebirth, fresh starts, etc.; but for most of us Summer is a time of cleaning. Cleaning out all the junk that you’ve accumulated throughout the winter, and sweeping out old cobwebs and dust that’s gathered while you weren’t keeping up.

For many people, Summer cleaning can be a total drab however. With so much to do it’s hard to know where to begin, and what materials you might need to get the mission accomplished. Thankfully, this article will be packed with everything you need to get a great Summer cleaning job done with some tips you might not have thought of yourself. Let’s take a look at 25 ways you can improve your Summer cleaning efforts that will save you much time and hassle.

1. Cleaning Silverware

This is normally something you do right after you eat, or in one big load in the dishwater at a time, but Summer cleaning requires an extra effort. Silverware tends to build up tarnish after many uses, and a neat trick you can use to get rid of it is by cleaning it with baking soda. Your forks and knives will be back to their original shininess in no time.

2. Blender Gunk

Cleaning a blender can be hard with all the little grooves and hard to reach areas inside of it. One great way to loosen up all the residue is by filing it with dish soap and water and letting it blend for a while. Everything should come right off with a spray hose before long.

3. Dusty Lampshades

Lampshades usually just require a quick brushing off with a duster or something, but when you REALLY want to get them back to 100% you can use a lint roller to really pull out everything that’s been sticking to it for the past however many months.

4. Pesky Couch-Stains

Unless you want to soak your coach with some kind of deep cleaning machine that you might not have, you will need to reach into the old bag of tricks here to get rid of your couch-stains. By spraying rubbing alcohol on the stains and using a brush and sponge to scrub them away, you can get the same effect as a deep cleaner for probably less effort.

5. Bathtub Scum

Bathtubs tend to build up a lot of hard to clean scum along the inside after long period of time of use without cleaning. This can be really difficult to get off even with basic household cleaning items. There is however, a magic solution to eliminate bathtub scum with ease. Combine lemon juice, water, and vinegar to create a solution that will rip right through scum and leave your tub bright and shiny.

In Conclusion

The stuff you find yourself cleaning during a Summer cleaning day is more than just your average grime. The tips in this article will allow you to tackle any odd stain or mess you might encounter, and keep you in good spirits as you tackle your goal with confidence that can handle anything. Happy cleaning!