The Unexpected Places Bacteria Could Be Lurking in Your Home?

We all like to think that we live in clean, healthy houses where you could eat your dinner off any of the surfaces without fear. Is this really the case, though?

The sad truth of the matter is that the majority of houses have a lot more bacteria living in them than the owners would ever imagine.

This is often found in unexpected places that you probably never suspect of being breeding grounds for bacteria.

Your Remote Control

There is a good chance that the remote control for your TV is one of the most handled objects in the house. This means that any dirt or viruses on your hands can easily get transferred onto here, not to mention when it falls on the floor or slides down the back of the sofa.

You should wipe your remote with anti-bacterial wipes regularly. Encouraging good hand washing habits will also help in this respect too.

Your Sponges and Dish Towels

One of the great ironies of trying to keep a house clean is that the objects you use for cleaning can end up causing more harm than good. This is why your sponges, dish towels, and other cleaning accessories can end up harboring a lot of bacteria on them.

The simplest solution to this problem is to replace these things regularly. In the case of a nice dish towel you don’t want to throw away, you could boil it to make it safe to use again.

The Carpet

A lovely, deep carpet is a pleasure to walk on or to lie on but is it as spotlessly clean as you think? If you only ever vacuum your carpet then you probably shouldn’t go spending too much time eating off it or sleeping on it anytime soon.

The only effective way to get a carpet truly clean is to get it professionally deep cleaned. This will get rid of the dirt, bugs, bacteria, and other stuff you would rather not get too close to.

Your Computer Keyboard

This is a bit like the remote control issue we looked at earlier. You probably type away merrily even when you have a cold or when you have just gone to the bathroom or whatever.

To keep it safe to use you can clean the keyboard with wet wipes or by gently vacuuming it. However, be careful not to get it too wet in the process of cleaning it.

Your Windows

The windows in your home are one of the keys to getting a healthier place to live. By opening them you can let the sun flood in and destroy any bacteria building up there.

However, if you don’t get them cleaned regularly and well then they can also be sources of nasty bacteria growth. A regular window cleaning routine will help keep your home safer to live in.

Your Hot Tub

Another surprising place where bacteria often lurks is in hot tubs. Experts say that this is because used, dirty water can lurk in the pipes and then get dumped back out into the tub when you use it.

Giving it a good clean with disinfectant before using it and then cleaning out the tubes is the best way of avoiding problems in the long term.

Don’t let your family run the risk of getting sick when keeping your home free of bacteria isn’t all that difficult once you know where the dangers lurk.