Summer is meant to be a laid back and carefree time, but every season has it’s dirt, germs and allergens that are challenging to control. Just because it’s sunny and bright outside doesn’t mean it’s naturally sunny and bright inside. Trips to the beach, weekend getaways and summer sports come with stains, unwanted moisture and nature’s summer debris. And if your kids are home for the summer, that’s more maintenance from the comings and goings of more people. Keeping your house clean in the heat and humidity of summer can be maintained with regular attention to cleaning.

Here are some cleaning tips for a fresh and healthy summer in your home:

Keep dirt out – The more traffic in and out of your house, the more dirt and bacteria your entryways will collect. Place generously sized doormats at any entryway where family and guests can wipe their feet and lessen the amount of outside stuff that gets carried inside on shoes. A “no shoes indoors” policy is a great rule for summer. You can also protect carpeting near your doors by covering them with small area rugs. These strategies will minimize the amount of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping required to maintain clean floors.

Protect appliances from sweaty hands – There’s a higher demand for cold drinks and snacks when it heats up, which means hands on the fridge! Using a lemon-based furniture polish to clean appliance surfaces well will not only clean them, it leaves a slightly oily coat that repels fingerprints.

Wash the windows, inside and out – Draw your curtains to let in the sun, and expose pollen and streaks that need cleaning. Dirt and germs stick to screens too, so pop them out, rinse them off, then let them dry in the sun before replacing. And be aware of the inside of windowsills, where dust and dirt can accumulate.

Keep smells to a minimum – Hotter temperatures can magnify odors that went unnoticed during colder weather. Take all of your trash cans out for a thorough scrubbing with soap and hot water. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back inside for use.

Prep Your Porch – All kinds of things can build up on your porch during Winter. Whether your porch is exposed or surrounded by screens or windows, clean from top to bottom. Wipe down the ceiling and the walls, sweep and mop the floors. Shake out any rugs, and vacuum furniture and cushions.

New season, new stains – on your clothes, your furniture, and your rugs. Grass, mud and anything from the ice cream truck can wreak havoc and can be carried in by shoes and hands of all sizes. Grease and condiments from summer foods that drip and spill are another seasonal hazard. Do your research before you attempt to remove stubborn stains. NAPs Maintenance is experienced with stain removal on all home surfaces.

Gutters –  Quick, intense rain storms can easily overflow gutters if they’re not cleaned out. Drainage spouts should lead away from your home or into rain water containers.

With initial seasonal cleaning and scheduled cleaning maintenance you’ll be able to enjoy summer in your clean and welcoming home. And if you need some help, NAPs Maintenance provides quality house cleaning services that can be tailored to your seasonal needs. If there’s a service that we don’t offer but you require, we can recommend you to someone who does.