Save Some Back-to-School Stress with a Fall Cleaning!

When summer vacation’s over and the kids are going back to school, you have a lot going on. There’s adjusting to new schedules. There’s last-minute scrambling for school supplies. And there’s coming to the realization of how dirty your house has gotten over the summer.

Let’s face it: summer vacation is great, but it’s not so great for keeping a house clean. With the kids home more, friends over, and guests coming to visit, your house sees a lot more traffic and use than it does most other times of the year. Dust accumulates, dirt gets tracked in, windows get filmy or streaked, etc.

And let’s face another thing: the lazy, laid-back nature of summer makes it really easy to fall behind on keeping your house the way you like it.

Time To Clean the House. Ugh.

So all of a sudden, summer’s over, fall’s here, the kids are going back to school, and the house could use a really good cleaning. But who has time for that with how busy things have just gotten? Who needs the stress?

Rather than putting the cleaning off yet again or just doing a so-so job to cross it off the list, consider a better solution: a professional fall cleaning.

The Benefits of a Fall Cleaning

With a fall residential cleaning, your home gets a thorough professional deep cleaning while you get to focus on other things you have to tend to. Here are just some of the things a fall deep cleaning includes:

  • Interior windows and sills. Windows get smudges and dust all over them, and sills collect dust and other debris. You’ll love having clear views back.
  • Being close to the floor and also near so many feet, baseboards attract a lot of dirt and stains, plus cobwebs and corners. Say goodbye to them all.
  • Carpets, rugs, and floors. All of these receive heavy use over the summer. They collect dirt, microbes, stains, and pet fur among other things. After the deep cleaning, they’ll look and smell like new again.
  • Walls and woodwork. Lots of hands come into contact with the walls and woodwork all summer long, and they get dirty. You’ll get a pro cleaning that doesn’t damage your paint and finishes.
  • Chandeliers and ceiling fans. Up high, these often get overlooked, but they collect a lot of dust, dust that sometimes floats down and winds up in hair or gets breathed in.
  • You know how dirty they get and how hard they are to keep clean!

Nap’s Maintenance leaves your house looking beautiful and saves you time and stress. You can choose a one-time deep cleaning, or you can look at different options for regularly scheduled services. Either way, Nap’s is there for you.

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