Let’s Hop into Spring Cleaning!

Five Spring Cleaning Tips for You. It’s coming up to that time of year for homeowners, whether they love it or hate it. Yes, spring-cleaning time is upon us so it’s time to dust off the winter cobwebs, embrace the sunlight and get your home prepped for the warm, summer months.


But what should you actually be doing during spring-cleaning? Here’s what some experts advise to do:


Focus on your HVAC


Chances are over the winter months your home’s HVAC system has accumulated a lot of nasty stuff in it. Replace the air filter when spring starts to filter out the pollens and other allergens this time of year is famous for. You don’t want your HVAC system to struggle to filter the springtime air when it still has winter’s dust lying around. It might also be a good idea to get an expert in to ensure all the vents are clean and clear so that your switch over to A/C is nice and smooth.


Wash Curtains


Curtains, despite their size, are often neglected when we clean our home. It’s important to wash them a few times a year to keep them clean and remove excess dust in your air. Also, washing curtains brightens them up and lets more light in, which is perfect since the weather is getting better too.


Clean the Mud Room and Winter Mats


If your home has a mud room in it, then chances are over the winter it has accumulated ice, dirt and salt. With spring around the corner, it’s a good idea to vacuum it out and wash the floor. Similarly, remove all the winter boots and hose down winter rubber mats.


Wash Winter Bedding


Warmer weather means warmer nights, so many people ditch their heavy covers and thick sheets to sleep cooler. Ensure heavy bedding and mattress liners get some love before storing them away for next winter and give them a long, deep wash. Your washing machine will likely have the necessary settings to do this, or you can take your bedding to a professional cleaner. Either way, don’t just strip your bed and put the covers in a closet!


Wash the Windows


Are you tired yet? Yes, we do windows! Windows in your home take quite a beating from the elements — wind, rain, snow and ice all deposit dirt on glass surfaces. Over time, this dirt and grime builds up and causes tiny pits in your window glass, making the window vulnerable to cracking or even breaking. With regular professional window cleaning from Nap’s Maintenance, you can have windows that are bright, shiny, and inviting, while also extending the life of your investment.


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