Fall Cleaning Task List

When your summer guests are gone for the season, and your family changes gears for their fall schedules, you’ll have less chaos and more focus for cleaning your quiet and empty house. Not only the well-used spaces in your home, but the ones that didn’t get much use while you were on your porch, the patio and in your yard.

Well used areas like the kitchen, bathroom and entryway need a solid deep cleaning. It’s lovely to spend time outside, but there’s lots of dirt, allergens and bacteria that can find their way inside and flourish with the help of heat and humidity.

Neglected indoor spaces like the living room, dining room and finished basement have had time to collect dust and stale air if those doors and windows have been closed. There’s been plenty of dirt and germs brought in, but they also need a way to get out. And whether your windows and doors have been closed or opened, pollen finds its way on to everything.

– First, put away all summer equipment that has gathered around your house – beach towels, sunscreen, outdoor yard games, sports equipment, bathing suits, etc. Clean them and store them for next year.

– Have your deck, patio and siding power-washed. If you’ve had bonfires, or used a fire pit, soot has worked its way on to outdoor surfaces.

– Set up a space near your door so as soon as people enter, make sure there is space to remove and place outdoor gear, shoes, bags and backpacks either in a closet, on hooks or in cubbies. This will keep dirt and debris from traveling further in to your home.


Some cleaning tips:

  • Inspect your mop and bucket – Make sure your bucket has no cracks, and give it a good rinse before use. Either wash or replace your mop head so the only germs are the ones you’re getting rid of
  • Get new supplies – toss bottles with clogged sprayers and inventory your cleaning products to see what is missing or needs to be re-stocked
  • Use microfiber ragsThey collect and contain more dust, making cleaning more efficient and longer lasting.


Here are some spots that will need attention:

  • Baseboards – they are magnets for dust and scuff marks
  • Walls – check for handprints, and not just kid size
  • Floors – hardwoods take a beating from sand and debris, and tile grout picks up stains from things like pool water and fruit punch
  • Kitchen counters – clear the decks to get under and behind appliances where crumbs can get moldy from the summer heat
  • Stairs – whether carpeted or wood, dirt finds its way into carpet fibers and tight corners. A great time to use those attachments that come with your vacuum
  • Rugs – everything hides in your rug, and can get pushed even further down by shoes and wet feet. It’s time for a steam cleaning to remove bacteria and debris, and spot treat stains
  • Upholstery – letting in summer air is refreshing but it can carry dirt, pollen, and airborne allergens that settle on your furniture so have your upholstery steam cleaned as well

And don’t forget the bedrooms where moist bathing suits and towels may have gone unnoticed on the floor or bed, and shoes might have been kicked off, bringing in dirt, bugs, grass and anything else that clings to the bottom of summer sneakers and sandals. Give everything a good dusting, and don’t forget the ceiling fans. Move the furniture and vacuum behind and under each piece. Remove your mattress covers and wash them, and turn your mattress.

This type of house cleaning is a lot of work and a huge time commitment when your schedule may be full of back to school and work obligations.

NAP’s Maintenance is here to help with a variety of home cleaning services for the Fall as well as weekly and bi-weekly house cleaning services.

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