Cure the Winter Blues with a Deep Winter Cleaning

It’s not a secret that for a lot of people, winter can really get them down. The short days. The cold. Inclement weather. Gray skies. Feeling cooped up inside the house. Seeing why winter is a lot of people’s least favorite season isn’t hard to do.

What’s also not a secret about winter is that it’s a tough time to keep a house clean the way you like it. With people spending a lot more time indoors, counters and appliances see more use, floors see more feet, and furniture sees more bodies, bodies that sometimes spill things or drop food crumbs. When it’s snowy or slushy outside, dirt and water inevitably end up in doorways and foyers and other places as well.

Take all that and add the low spirits that often accompany winter and you might find less motivation to keep up with things. And so the house gets messy even though you don’t like it.

There’s a way Nap’s Maintenance Services can add some cheer to what for some is the dreariest of seasons: a deep winter cleaning.


Reasons To Get a Deep Winter Cleaning

Really, there are any number of reasons to get a professional deep winter cleaning, but here are some that we get a lot:

  • Preparing the house for a party or visiting relatives during the holidays.
  • Getting the house ready to go on the market in the spring, typically the best time to sell a home.
  • Clean, shiny counters and floors can really lift the spirits when winter gloom sets in.
  • Just because!


What You Get with a Deep Winter Cleaning

Nap’s provides a thorough cleaning service with industry grade equipment and cleaning products. We make sure to get a lot of spots that are really easy to overlook. Here are just some of the spots that get our full attention:

  • Baseboards
  • Chandeliers and ceiling fans
  • Interior windows and sills
  • Rugs, carpets, and other floors
  • Stove and countertops
  • Walls
  • Woodwork

A deep winter cleaning by Nap’s will leave both you and your home looking and feeling bright on the inside. Get in touch today for a quote or to schedule a cleaning service. You’re going to love the results!


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