Commercial/Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

The high level of foot traffic and activity in commercial/industrial facilities can be great for business but tough on your building or property. Nap’s Maintenance offers regular maintenance and deep cleaning to keep your business location or rental properties looking updated, clean, and marketable.

Your first appointment will consist of a thorough cleaning to get your business property up to maintenance level. We recommend an appointment with us twice a year to clean:

  • Baseboards
  • Windows (inside and out)
  • Walls
  • Woodwork
  • Light fixtures/ceiling fans
  • Awnings
  • Floors

Our commercial/industrial level service is perfect for:

  • Landlords and property management companies
  • Real estate agents — check out our home deep cleaning services!
  • Business locations like retail space and professional offices
  • Industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, workshops, and more…