Cleaning Your Summer Home

There’s only one thing better than Spring, and that’s Summer. So take the time now to get your summer home ready for the season. Whether you use the home yourself or rent it to others, taking care of home maintenance now will ensure a worry-free summer. The house is going to need a good indoor cleaning. Start by opening windows to let in the fresh air. Here are some key areas to focus on for cleaning: Baseboards and woodworkChandeliers and ceiling fansFloors and carpetsUnder and behind furniture and appliances You’re going to want to clean places like: the inside of your refrigerator, oven and microwave, as well as sinks, toilets and tubs. Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and furniture. If your area rugs or furniture have stains or just need a deep cleaning, Naps can help! With the in-plant equipment and forced water extraction process we use here at Naps Maintenance, we  can safely and thoroughly clean all kinds of area rugs, including: OrientalBerberDhurrie or Kilim … [Read more...]

Exterior Spring Cleaning

Welcome Spring by washing the wear of winter off the outside of your home or office building. Power washing, cleaning your awnings, washing the outside of windows, and cleaning out your gutters will freshen up the exterior and help extend the life of these areas. Window Cleaning   Let the sun shine in, but clean those windows first. Make sure you have the right equipment and a safe plan for getting to difficult places. Wash your windows on a cloudy overcast day to avoid leaving streaks behind. Saturate difficult spots and let your cleaning solution sit for a few minutes before wiping. Specialty windows that are tinted, colored, stained, or painted - those that block UV rays, filter sun, or provide privacy - need extra attention and the right type of cleaner. If you have leaded windows that are framed in metal, copper, etc., they require special solution that is safe for these metals. The right supplies are key. Secluded windows are ideal real estate for hornets’ nests. … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up After Winter

The salt, wind and snow can really wear on your home and office, inside and out. To lessen the damage, it’s best to take care of your windows, floors and carpets as soon as you get a few nice days on the calendar. Windows The outside of your windows collect the most dirt and grime buildup, thanks to their direct contact with the winter elements. Schedule regular maintenance cleanings of your office windows with the Naps cleaning crew to prevent permanent damage from the elements. Wait for an overcast day to clean home windows so the glare of the sun won’t disguise any streaks on the glass. Cleaning windows thoroughly not only means inside and out, it means the sills and grooves, and the screens, too. If you want windows to look clean, they also have to be clean on the outside. Check around your window frames to make sure the winter weather hasn’t caused any deterioration to the rubber and seals around your windows. That deterioration can cause an increase in electric bills, … [Read more...]

Tips: Puff Backs and Hot Water Tanks

Winter is the season that really tests your heating system. Maintaining your hot water heater and boiler or furnace is a crucial step to keep things working smoothly. What is Furnace Puff Back? A puff back is the explosion of accumulated oil in the combustion chamber of your boiler or furnace that can happen when the furnace isn’t igniting properly. If you have to hit the reset button on your heating equipment more than once to get it started, there’s a problem that needs to be looked at. While the furnace runs, leaky pipes that make ignition difficult can cause oil to build up. That oil can ignite at the start of the next burning cycle. This can cause an explosion that sends soot through the exhaust system, in to your heating system, and all over your house. If you have a forced hot air system, the soot will potentially come out of every open vent. How to Prevent Puff Backs Have your system serviced annually. Your technician should check for leaks in the oil system, … [Read more...]

Holiday Maintenance

“Tis the season for holiday upkeep! During these busy times, there’s so much to do to stay organized and minimize the stress this time of year can create. Here are some tips to help you stay organized. Give your car a good cleaning Shopping, hosting dinners and attending parties will have you driving a bit more than usual. Quick, regular cleaning will keep your car neat and germ free. If you eat on the run, clean up any trash Keep tissues and wipes in the car for sneezers and germ removal Vacuum the upholstery, seats and the dashboard Clean your windshield to remove fingerprints and smudges which can be blinding when headlights hit them Keep your trunk clean for transporting gifts, food and luggage Go to the carwash to keep your car free of salt and dirt from slushy roads Avoid bringing slush into the car - clean off your shoes or boots before getting in Cleaning for Holiday Guests You probably just spent the Fall getting your home in order, but there are some … [Read more...]

Seasonal Cleaning Tips

In the next few weeks, our lives will move more towards indoor activities as daylight lessens and temperatures fall. Families will transition to the indoors to watch football, eat comfort food, and sit in front of the fire. The kids will be home from college on the weekends, and company will be visiting for holidays. You can use this next week or two to get your house clean and ready for the coming seasonal activities. To begin, follow our Spring cleaning list, and then add in some tasks directly related to Fall and Winter: Windows: Wash interior and exterior windows to clean fingerprints and bacteria inside, and leftover pollen and dirt outside. Do this on a cloudy day so streaks are more visible. * While you’re working on windows, check indoor caulking around window edges and doors. Whether you like it or not, you will eventually have to turn the heat on, and you want to keep it in your house. Which also means you should dust and vacuum baseboards and heating ducts so you don’t … [Read more...]

Winterizing Bikes, Boats and Cars

Living in New England means that every summer comes to an end, and you must put away your warm weather fun vehicles. Motorcycles, boats, and cars like convertibles and sports cars, need to be cleaned and stored properly so they are ready for use when the weather turns warm again next year. It’s best to store your vehicles inside during the winter, but if that’s not possible a quality waterproof and breathable cover for these items will help to avoid moisture, mold and deterioration.Another suggestion is to keep your summer vehicles insured year round in case of damage, theft or outside weather hazards. Whether you winterize your vehicle yourself, or hire a professional like NAP’s Maintenance, here are some recommendations:   Motorcycles Wash well to remove any built up dirt. Wax painted parts to repel moisture and prevent rust. Lubricate all moving parts including cables, controls, and chains if your bike has them. Park Properly  Put your bike on a stand to … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning Task List

When your summer guests are gone for the season, and your family changes gears for their fall schedules, you’ll have less chaos and more focus for cleaning your quiet and empty house. Not only the well-used spaces in your home, but the ones that didn’t get much use while you were on your porch, the patio and in your yard. Well used areas like the kitchen, bathroom and entryway need a solid deep cleaning. It’s lovely to spend time outside, but there’s lots of dirt, allergens and bacteria that can find their way inside and flourish with the help of heat and humidity. Neglected indoor spaces like the living room, dining room and finished basement have had time to collect dust and stale air if those doors and windows have been closed. There’s been plenty of dirt and germs brought in, but they also need a way to get out. And whether your windows and doors have been closed or opened, pollen finds its way on to everything. - First, put away all summer equipment that has gathered … [Read more...]


Summer is meant to be a laid back and carefree time, but every season has it’s dirt, germs and allergens that are challenging to control. Just because it’s sunny and bright outside doesn’t mean it’s naturally sunny and bright inside. Trips to the beach, weekend getaways and summer sports come with stains, unwanted moisture and nature’s summer debris. And if your kids are home for the summer, that’s more maintenance from the comings and goings of more people. Keeping your house clean in the heat and humidity of summer can be maintained with regular attention to cleaning. Here are some cleaning tips for a fresh and healthy summer in your home: Keep dirt out - The more traffic in and out of your house, the more dirt and bacteria your entryways will collect. Place generously sized doormats at any entryway where family and guests can wipe their feet and lessen the amount of outside stuff that gets carried inside on shoes. A “no shoes indoors” policy is a great rule for summer. You can … [Read more...]

Why Commercial Floor Cleaning?

The average American spends most of their waking hours at work. So not only is it the business owner’s second home, it is for your staff as well. To keep employees happy and healthy at work one of the main things is a clean workspace. According to the EPA, one of the top 5 health risks is poor indoor air quality. Neglected floors and carpets are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens. Areas that are frequented daily like break rooms and bathrooms, conference rooms and training rooms, need consistent maintenance to keep them fresh and clean. And clean floors lower the risk of slips and falls. The investment you make in cleaning your floors and carpets will be repaid by higher employee attendance and less on-location injury. A study by a Florida State University researcher shows that both a lack of stimulation in the workplace and a dirty working environment can have a long-term cognitive effect on employees. “Psychologists say that the brain is a muscle, while … [Read more...]