Auto Detailing

This winter has been especially temperamental. One day it is in the 60s and the next, you wake to find your car surrounded by two feet of snow. With this inconsistency, it can be tricky to decide exactly the right time to get your vehicle detailed.

At Naps Maintenance, we understand your trepidation and want to ease your mind. That is why we offer competitive rates in auto detailing, plenty of appointment options. We clean because we care.

We do all your cleaning service needs inside and out. On the exterior, we wash and wax, and that includes all personal vehicles. For your interior, we take great pride in giving you the most comprehensive cleaning, restoring your car to factory perfection. And, as a locally owned company, we are your neighbor and do all of this for a very reasonable price.

Do you have a motorcycle, trailer, or boat? We offer a specialty cleaning service to tackle these unique items, and boat cleaning is done on-site. No need to roll it into our plant. And did we mention fleet cleanings? Bring in your company vehicles and we can tackle their needs as well. Limousines, service vans, heavy-duty trucks; whatever you drive we will clean, leaving you with a vehicle that looks and smells like new.

Naps Maintenance is waiting for your call. Maybe you have already visited us and want to give a gift card for your parent or friend to get their vehicle detailed. We do gift cards specific to several service options and have seen them purchased for holiday gifts such as Mother’s Day, Graduations, and Anniversaries.

With the best price for all your cleaning desires, Naps Maintenance is skilled and equipped to take on anything you need. We are fast, friendly, many of our services are handled on-site, be it at your home, office, or wherever, and you will appreciate the work.

We take the hassle out of cleaning. Let us tidy up for you.

Contact Naps today to schedule a detailing appointment. We’ll get your vehicle looking amazing again. Call us on (508) 226-4492 or visit