The Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning after Holidays

As soon as we start enjoying the holidays, we don’t even know how quickly they get over. Then it comes the time for you to remember all the parties, the guests, the merriment, and obviously the mess. If you plan a post-holiday cleaning spree after hosting the family for the holidays, here are some tips to help you. Start with Decluttering During the holiday season, we often tend to accumulate stuff. Although giving gifts is great, finding your kitchen filled with used storage containers, storage areas stuffed with unwanted decorations, and trash bins full of waste is not always that great. But throwing everything out the door doesn’t mean decluttering. It refers to preparing for warmer weather by lightening your load. Think lighter while decluttering – Get rid of the trash that includes the wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows that are not needed. Return old food containers, if any, and if not taken back, you can trash or donate them. Store your tree, … [Read more...]

Keeping it Clean During Cold and Flu Season

Every season has its characteristics that are often observed and experienced during that particular season. For example, during the winter, you experience a fall in temperature, which is also considered the cold and flu season. We all think that we live in a clean and healthy house and sometimes enjoy our food off any surface without fear. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case; there are many more bacteria around than we can imagine. What should you do in this case? Well, the answer is simple. Just avail of deep winter cleaning service from NAP’s Maintenance. There are certain unexpected places in your home where you probably don’t even suspect bacteria being present. Some of them can be: Remote Control – In most houses, the TV's remote control is one of the most handled objects. Thus it becomes the place where the dirt or viruses on your hands get transferred.Computer Keyboard – Similar to your remote control, a computer keyboard also houses bacteria since … [Read more...]

Cure the Winter Blues with a Deep Winter Cleaning

It’s not a secret that for a lot of people, winter can really get them down. The short days. The cold. Inclement weather. Gray skies. Feeling cooped up inside the house. Seeing why winter is a lot of people’s least favorite season isn’t hard to do.What’s also not a secret about winter is that it’s a tough time to keep a house clean the way you like it. With people spending a lot more time indoors, counters and appliances see more use, floors see more feet, and furniture sees more bodies, bodies that sometimes spill things or drop food crumbs. When it’s snowy or slushy outside, dirt and water inevitably end up in doorways and foyers and other places as well.Take all that and add the low spirits that often accompany winter and you might find less motivation to keep up with things. And so the house gets messy even though you don’t like it.There’s a way Nap’s Maintenance Services can add some cheer to what for some is the dreariest of seasons: a deep winter cleaning. Reasons To Get a Deep … [Read more...]

Autumn Cleaning

Cleaning? Who’s Got Time for That? Is it really already September? Younger kids are back to school. Older kids are off to college. New schedules and routines are taking shape and making demands on your time. Summer vacation seems like a distant memory already. What’s not a memory is all the dust and dirt that accumulated over the summer. More foot traffic from more people home, dirt tracked in by kids and pets, relatives visiting, and the blissful laziness of summer itself have left your home in real need of a good cleaning. Skip the Stress with an Autumn Cleaning! During the summer, maybe you actually did have time to keep up with your house’s cleaning needs. But hey, it was summer, and you deserve a vacation, too. Now, though, you’re seeing that it’s time to get the house back in order. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of work. When are you going to find time to get it done with everything else that’s going on all of a sudden? When are you going to find the energy? Or even the … [Read more...]

Save Some Back-to-School Stress with a Fall Cleaning!

When summer vacation’s over and the kids are going back to school, you have a lot going on. There’s adjusting to new schedules. There’s last-minute scrambling for school supplies. And there’s coming to the realization of how dirty your house has gotten over the summer.Let’s face it: summer vacation is great, but it’s not so great for keeping a house clean. With the kids home more, friends over, and guests coming to visit, your house sees a lot more traffic and use than it does most other times of the year. Dust accumulates, dirt gets tracked in, windows get filmy or streaked, etc.And let’s face another thing: the lazy, laid-back nature of summer makes it really easy to fall behind on keeping your house the way you like it.Time To Clean the House. Ugh.So all of a sudden, summer’s over, fall’s here, the kids are going back to school, and the house could use a really good cleaning. But who has time for that with how busy things have just gotten? Who needs the stress?Rather than putting … [Read more...]

Stressed about summer cleaning? Nap’s will take care of the cleaning, but not the summer heat!

Stressed about summer cleaning? Nap’s will take care of the cleaning, but not the summer heat! Have your dream summer vacation planned, but dread coming home to a dirty home? Let yourself relax, and let Nap’s take care of it!We get it, summer is busy. Kids are home from school, it’s hot outside, and all you want to do is go on a vacation. If you do any research on tips of what to do before leaving for vacation, you’ll see one tip consistently, without a doubt, that says to clean your home before leaving. But children, life, pets, packing, planning and so much more, that isn’t always a reality. Nap’s is here to clean rather your vacation is a week-long trip to the beach, or going to work and looking at your beach screensaver.When you let Nap’s clean your home, you’re saving yourself the struggle of cleaning things such as rugs, interior windows/sills, those pesky baseboards, and a thoroughly done deep clean of your home.What’s better than going on vacation and relaxing? We may be … [Read more...]


DON’T MAKE DAD CLEAN THE CARPET THIS FATHER’S DAY – CALL NAP’S! With Father’s Day around the corner, get Dad the gift he wants: relaxation, courtesy of Nap’s Maintenance Service. Between the kids or grandkids, the family pets, and the general wear of everyday life, grime builds up quickly around the house. To Dad’s dismay, the tough job of cleaning tough messes is usually left for him to handle. Instead of assigning the task of scrubbing and deep cleaning to the Dad in your life, this Father’s Day, let Nap’s do the work for him. Purchase a gift card or hire Nap’s to clean your family’s home; Dad will thank you!Does your carpet need an intervention to smell and feel as fresh as it was when it was installed? Nap’s has you covered. We know Dad does a great job cleaning your home, but don’t make him work harder than he has to. You can trust Nap’s—just like you can trust Dad—to leave your home in pristine condition. So, this year, don’t make Dad spend a long, summer day cleaning your … [Read more...]

Auto Detailing

This winter has been especially temperamental. One day it is in the 60s and the next, you wake to find your car surrounded by two feet of snow. With this inconsistency, it can be tricky to decide exactly the right time to get your vehicle detailed.At Naps Maintenance, we understand your trepidation and want to ease your mind. That is why we offer competitive rates in auto detailing, plenty of appointment options. We clean because we care.We do all your cleaning service needs inside and out. On the exterior, we wash and wax, and that includes all personal vehicles. For your interior, we take great pride in giving you the most comprehensive cleaning, restoring your car to factory perfection. And, as a locally owned company, we are your neighbor and do all of this for a very reasonable price.Do you have a motorcycle, trailer, or boat? We offer a specialty cleaning service to tackle these unique items, and boat cleaning is done on-site. No need to roll it into our plant. And did we mention … [Read more...]

50 Years of Residential Cleaning

When it comes to affordable, yet comprehensive residential cleaning services and maintenance work, it’s hard to look past Nap’s Maintenance Service Inc. We have over 50 years of experience helping folks in Southeastern Massachusetts get the job done.We offer a wide variety of residential services. We offer anything from onsite carpet cleaning to deep cleaning, window cleaning and other maintenance services.When it comes to carpet cleaning, Naps prefers forced hot water extraction as it leaves no leftover residue in your carpet. It’s the best carpet clean money can buy. Other methods leave residue that reactivates when the carpet dries later. Our method leaves only 10% of soap in the carpet, whereas others leave up to 80%! When we clean carpets they’ll look and smell great, but dry much faster as a result! With summer just round the corner, there’s no better time to call Naps to de-winter your business’ carpets.Naps deep cleaning services gets into your property’s:BaseboardsWindows … [Read more...]

Let’s Hop into Spring Cleaning!

Let’s Hop into Spring Cleaning! Five Spring Cleaning Tips for You. It’s coming up to that time of year for homeowners, whether they love it or hate it. Yes, spring-cleaning time is upon us so it’s time to dust off the winter cobwebs, embrace the sunlight and get your home prepped for the warm, summer months. But what should you actually be doing during spring-cleaning? Here’s what some experts advise to do: Focus on your HVAC Chances are over the winter months your home’s HVAC system has accumulated a lot of nasty stuff in it. Replace the air filter when spring starts to filter out the pollens and other allergens this time of year is famous for. You don’t want your HVAC system to struggle to filter the springtime air when it still has winter’s dust lying around. It might also be a good idea to get an expert in to ensure all the vents are clean and clear so that your switch over to A/C is nice and smooth. Wash Curtains Curtains, despite their size, are often neglected when we … [Read more...]